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Thread: Updating Trail Descriptions

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    Updating Trail Descriptions

    I have been looking at the very old and outdated trail descriptions and thought its about time to update them with current descriptions and pictures. I figured that a lot of people will be hitting the trails now that the weather has cooled off and wanted to ask that anyone running a trail could make note of the current condition and take a few photos along the way to post new descriptions. I think it will help keep people coming to the site and set it apart from FB or other clubs.
    Just a thought.

    Trail Ratings

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    Re: Updating Trail Descriptions

    Good idea but seems there is a lot of secrecy anyways which may or may not be a good thing depending where you sit
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    Updating Trail Descriptions

    Barryís (xFallen) post, at the very least, needs to be updated. While the ratings are fine, there are quite a few trails listed that are closed. Twisted is on private property (always has been) and the owner does not want it used. The entrance was blocked pretty well, this past Summer. Asylum has been closed forever and a day. Darn near that entire area, of the White Tanks, has been closed. -in rating 3, FR42 still remains closed and Firebird is in the part of White Tanks that is now closed. Thereís also issue with Martinez Canyon and I havenít been on Bad Medicine forever. Think that it and Lost World May also be closed out there. Best to double check that though. So many more too, like Upper Firebird, Landslide, and Iím pretty sure Overdose is closed too.
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    Re: Updating Trail Descriptions

    Huck and I spent about an hour talking about this last week and we're going to work together to clean up the list of trails that are now closed but not reflected as such in the description.

    With regards to updating trail descriptions and writeups, we welcome detailed writeups from any VJC member.

    Whether it's a trail that's already on the list or a new trail not on the list, if you'd like to do a writeup of it for use in the Trail Descriptions section of the forum, please consider the format used in other writeups in the Trail Descriptions area, then submit your writeup to any admin or moderator.

    We'll review it, and then post it with full credit to you in this area:

    Huck had a great idea about planning some group runs with the specific goal of using the trip to do collaborative Trail Description updates.

    I think we'd all love to see the Trail Descriptions section of the forum updated with more and more up to date information!


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