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Thread: Found som sub $100 RC rock crawler

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    Found som sub $100 RC rock crawler

    I had this brand before about 10 yrs ago. Going to check these out again. They make several models but only the ford bronco and the jeep appear to have low gearing (the others move too fast). Is really fun RC on a budget.

    They are "new bright" brandand at Walmart. I don't work for Walmart or new bright. Just like their rc crawlers allot.
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    Re: Found som sub $100 RC rock crawler

    I've had the big truck and the jeep in that brand... the truck wasn't 4wd but I liked the controller... the jeep IS 4wd BUT!!! it steers goofy!!! the left stick makes both left side tires go, the right stick makes the right side go forward or backwards. so its like tank controls but its not slow at all and makes turns dicey.

    the mirrors I always break off and I took the side steps off for more clearance. relatively cheap fun.

    I have one of the big new bright rzr ones coming for Christmas... so we'll see. 4wd also, have to check again if it has a low range or not.
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