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Thread: Tips for Long term Vehicle storage?

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    Re: Tips for Long term Vehicle storage?

    maybe its the redneck in me... but if its your left knee keeping you from driving it... get a clamp and attach a heim joint to it and then a rod so you can actuate the clutch with your left hand... then drive it. You just gotta enjoy it SLOW.

    Keep it though. If it runs and can pass emissions and has AC you should be able to get at least 1200-1500 lol. But the sentimental value... keep it.
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    Re: Tips for Long term Vehicle storage?

    Quote Originally Posted by aroundincircles View Post
    That is really cool! Is there a plaque showing this, or were these cars by any chance assigned unique VINs? Either way, the last (just like the first) of a limited and numbered anything is typically viewed as being extra special, especially in the collector car world.

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    Re: Tips for Long term Vehicle storage?

    Unfortunately not. No plate or special vin. I do have an email from Mazda USA confirming the production number though, and the build number per vin is readily available online, via mazda forums.

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