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Thread: Wheel Width

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    Wheel Width

    My current wheels are 8.5 wide (Hutchinson RockMonster Bead Locks)

    Currently running Goodyear MTrK 37x12.5x17's that say they want 10" wheels

    I am looking at going to 38x13.5x17 that say they want 11" wheels.

    When am I pushing the envelope too far?

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    Re: Wheel Width

    12.5 tires are the widest rated for a 8.5" rim. Check tire manufacturer web site and they should tell you a rim width range and a rated rim. The rated rim is usually in middle of width range and is rim width used to get rated tire width.

    A 13.5 will not be rated for a 8.5 inch rim. Places like discount tire won't even mount the tire on a rim outside the manufacture recommend range. With that said, a 1/2" to narrow isn't going to hurt anything. On rock crawlers we run 1-1.5 too narrow rims to protect the rim from the rocks. Wouldn't recommend going that narrow on a street vehicle as sidewall sway is increased with narrow rims.

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    Re: Wheel Width

    I tried running 12.5" wide MTRs on 7" wide vintage Ford Ranger wheels for awhile. Llantera put them on no questions asked. I did not have good luck with that width. Running 8psi caused me to lose beads when the front end would come down hard. Would just slip the tire right off the wheel. No bueno.

    Under the same circumstances, that never happened on 8" wheels.

    Many people consider 8" wheels ideal for a 12.5" wide tire. Using that logic, I would think a 9" wheel would be your best bet.
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    Re: Wheel Width

    Since rock monsters have the tire locked on both sides I would go with it. J.Fig

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    Re: Wheel Width

    Quote Originally Posted by figx4 View Post
    Since rock monsters have the tire locked on both sides I would go with it. J.Fig

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