I just replace my brake pads and rotors and created a bigger issue for myself. Although I've change brake pads twice with my current set up, for some reason, this change didn't go so smoothly. My brake pedal is slow to return and when I hit my brakes hard, my brake light comes on indicating a system malfunction. I noticed the rear section of the master cylinder moves fluid when I press the brake pedal but the front section does not move fluid. I know it use too because I checked it prior to doing my brake job. I had a Hydroboost system put on 5 years ago and I'm guessing I have a bad valve in there somewhere. I didn't replace any fluid so there aren't any air bubbles in the system.

Once I figure out what parts to order, does anybody near Cave Creek feel confident they can help me replace? Or I can drive to you. I don't have any brake bleed kit and I know I'll be dealing with high pressure lines so I'd rather have somebody with experience helping. The local repair shop only works on factory stuff, no custom work... The Jeep drives and brakes OK but I have an obvious issue I need to fix. If you know of a shop that works on this kind of thing, I'm open to that too.

2006 LJ Rubicon. Picture of the system:
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Of course the necessary beer & pizza will be provided