There is no reason you can't go talk to them, in a polite way. I've done it many times. The problem you face is that anger is the emotion you're filled with once a ricochet gets close, or you've been picking up people's trash all day. What is needed is education and you just missed the opportunity to give some. All you have to do is say that areas are being closed down all over the state because of dangerous shooting, accidents and trash and ask them to do their part. But if you roll up on them with the same tone you're displaying here, you'll only make it worse. That tone certainly wouldn't work with me.

There used to be a website called RidingArizona dot Com. I used to talk to people then ask them to join that site. It really seemed to help. Maybe you could invite them to join this website?

That being said, complaining about it on a forum has never helped in any way unless it's followed with an offer to lead a clean up of the area!

Posting pictures on a public forum so that the greenies and the land managers can use them in their meetings to show why the deserts should be closed to all users is also not very helpful.

As the land managers shut down popular shooting places, because of the trash left behind and the complaints being filed, the shooters go elsewhere. If nobody had ever complained about it in the first place, we would have a select number of shooting areas that could be cleaned by good citizens doing clean ups. Now, they are everywhere.

Also, this seems to be a drama thread, so let's wait till it's too hot to wheel before we take this to 10 pages long!!