Our entire household was sick last weekend so we missed out on the official run. My son and I are heading up to CK this Saturday for the unofficial make-up run, we are trailering up to Lake Pleasant and plan on departing the area around 7am. This will be a real casual but quick paced run. The plan is to stop as needed on the small obstacles and then a longer break at the top of the large obstacle for photo ops, beverage break, etc and possibly get some drone footage depending on traffic. I would like to get into CK by noon for lunch. Then either take Senator Hwy back down the mountain or main road through Cleator depending on weather, time, etc. The wx forecast for CK is sunny in the mid 70ís.

I would like to cap the run off at 6 rigs to maintain pace. Plan on bringing enough fuel, spares, recovery gear, etc so you don't become a trail plug. Normal trail etiquette applies.

Post up if youíre interested and whether or not you have a CB or VHF.