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Thread: drill bit set recommendations

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    drill bit set recommendations

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good set of drill bits. I know that they are expensive, but I am tired of using cheap inferior bits. Is M42 cobalt a good material for steel?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: drill bit set recommendations

    Bought a really good set from Copper State a few years ago. Was like $100. Commercial quality. I've been very happy with them.

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    Re: drill bit set recommendations

    Cobalt Drills are great for steel. They are the next step up from your standard drill set.

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    Re: drill bit set recommendations

    You can get good quality High Speed Steel drills and they'll last if used correctly. Cobalt is better than HSS, but is also more brittle. Cobalt is needed for drilling stainless.

    I also buy my drill sets at Copperstate Nut And Bolt, and have had great luck with them. I'm pretty sure they sell the cutting oil to use as well.
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