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Thread: Tow Bar for rent?

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    Tow Bar for rent?


    Does anyone have a tow bar I can use for a couple of days. I'm trying to tow my 2007 JKU to my local dealer for a diagnostic and trying to cut down cost on a tow truck.

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    Re: Tow Bar for rent?

    Well, I saw one posted for $50 earlier today, or, if you have d rings on your front bumper, I can loan you mine with the safety cables. I'm up at I-17 and Greenway.

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    Re: Tow Bar for rent?

    Better off getting someone with a trailer to tow you. Where are you located?

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    Re: Tow Bar for rent?

    Get Down With the Sickness!

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    Re: Tow Bar for rent?

    Do you have roadside assistance on your insurance?
    How about getting a AAA ?

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