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Thread: Thanks purple TJ!

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    Thanks purple TJ!

    Just finished retrofitting family cage into dr. Andy's friends 81 CJ7. Actually looks pretty niceName:  20180429_152008.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by amber.hodge View Post
    Steve is so innocent. Its really cute, actually. Ah to be a kid again....
    "anyone who says they know everything about anything is either a fool or a liar"

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    Re: Thanks purple TJ!

    That does look nice. I am happy it worked out for you.

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    Re: Thanks purple TJ!

    Thanks for putting this on Rick's jeep SteveO, looks good!
    79 cj7, rebuilt 304, YJ family "cage" , wide track axles, Moser 1 pc. rear, lockrites F/R, TF999/D300 with custom floor shifter, twin sticked, 33x12.5x15 Falken Wild Peaks

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