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Thread: Black Canyon Corridor Travel Management Plan and EA

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    Black Canyon Corridor Travel Management Plan and EA

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    What's the latest?
    I was told that the routes have been re-evaluated and finalized. The new maps should be done, soon and then we’ll see what shakes out. I was also told that we got back most of the crawling trails. I’ve yet to see it on paper, but I do trust the source that told me.
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    yah, Huck you newbie, Rubicon drivin', mall Cruisin', bling-bling, bolt-on, got no drivin skillz, drove thru a AutoZone with a crap magnet attached, H2 wannabe, poseur! Pay attention!
    If you would pry your sorry arse out the Scottsdale Fashion Square once in a while you would know more about the BLM and the USFS (you do know those acronyms, right?).

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