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Thread: Not really a new guy

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    Not really a new guy

    I've pushed off making a log-in as I feel I have to many already, but I prefer local organizations vs national/international ones, so I'll try to use this one as my primary for killing time and blowing off work

    Name:  2018-04-01 Jeep YJ-4.jpg
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    Some people may know my rig from FB, where I've been actively harassing various folks for some time

    95 YJ, 4.0L, AX-15
    Dana 44's F/R, 4.88's, Eaton E-lockers
    Rubicon Express 4.5" Extreme
    1" Daystar Body Lift
    35" x 12.5" MT/R's on 15" x 8" American Racing Baja 72's
    Adam's Driveshafts F/R
    A bunch of other goodies...

    If you're interested, you can see my build thread here: Bleu Belle

    "Belle" as I've named her started out as a low-budget project and has morphed a bit into something I'm actually going to start driving daily. After going from luxury cars to sports sedans to new full-size pickup trucks with mid-travel suspensions, I'm coming full circle back to driving an old Jeep - what can I say, I like something with a bit of character! I always wanted a YJ, there was something about those square headlights back when I was in high-school that I had to have. It also helped that a high school buddy had a green one given to him by his dad and we beat the crap out of that thing.

    Anyways, I've got some more work to do (interior stuff, find some A/C, sliders, flat-belly, etc.) but hope to see some of you on the trails!

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Hello and welcome to the fun.

    Belle is a nice looking YJ.

    "Lophat is not going anywhere, it's a reference. This forum would fold up and die if he left. LOL!" -- OTR-93YJ

    "if they are like LoPhat, then their heads are stuck so far up their rear they have re-emerged as a head." -- From_Catherine

    "Lo-Phat.. Don't wash the XJ. You don't want someone to confuse it as a mall crawler.." -- Will E

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Welcome aboard! Sweet ride fo sho. Hope to see ya on the trail
    If you donít stand for something, youíll fall for anything!

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Welcome aboard from the east valley! ! !
    Hope to see you on the trails.

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    2013, JKUR, DOZER (MAC & CHEEZE), MANY UPGRADES, 35's, 31/2 Lift,

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Welcome, We can always use another YJ.
    See you out on the trail.
    87 YJ, 4" spring under,35 mud, Dana 44 front eaton E-Locker, Ford 9" detroit locker, Flip dana 300, Fuel injected, Stroker motor, OBA, full roll cage

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    That is a sweet looking ride for sure! Welcome to the club!
    82 Cherokee WT Ė SOA/SF/high steer/Alcan springs/agr box/Borgeson steering shaft/AMC 401/performer/holley TA/HEI/BeCool/727/ALTAS (2.0/2.72/5.44)/D60 Snofighter(Yukon Zip,hubs,stubs,4.56)/14 Bolt (FF,BF shave, Discs, ARB,Artec Truss)/MTR 37X12.5/Corbeau Moab Seats/RCI 6point Harness/Hella Aux lights/tuffy console/killer32 sliders/custom bumpers and roll bar/WARN 8000/steering brace/CO2 Tank/CB/dual batts/custom TC skid plate

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    What? No light bar?


    Good looking YJ.

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Welcome and love that YJ! It's just about perfect, in my opinion...if I could have another one!
    I wear sun visors and drink Budweisers.

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    Re: Not really a new guy

    Welcome to the fray! $350 generated for the AZOHVC from the sale of these decals so far. ($5/pair is donated)

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