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Thread: 1999 XJ Cherokee Limited Stock

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    Re: 1999 XJ Cherokee Limited Stock

    I scoured my computer and found some pictures. I didn't find any of it from before I painted it, but I have some during and just after and then some of what it looks like now. Keep in mind that the hardtop alone is worth a couple grand by itself if you wanted to sell it. I am the second owner of this and the previous owner had never taken the top off. I did and wish I hadn't as I've never been able to get it lined up exactly right since then.

    I seemed to be having some trouble attaching the pictures, so here is a link to my Dropbox folder where I've put the pictures. Today it looks very much like the last photo except the rear axle has been replaced. As stated earlier, either that one or the front one would need regearing (I have the original rear axle that would go with it) as the gears in the swapped in axle are much lower than the removed axle. One of the front fenders had been replaced with a fiberglass one prior to my getting it and I have a spare rear tailgate from a slightly different year.
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    Re: 1999 XJ Cherokee Limited Stock

    Long arm/37"/beedlocks/Mas grande arb Dana 44 rear/grande 44 front/ superjoints/WJ knuckle conversion/harness/cage/seats/winch/5.13/armor/skids/
    Parts/hydro/5-1/takes a beating that's for sure but still needs more crap

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