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Thread: Radiator fun

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    Radiator fun

    Hey guys! I have been having radiator issues this past week with my 04 wrangler and I was curious if anyone had any advice. I am a jersey folk and when I brought my jeep out here the first thing that blew was the radiator, naturally haha. That was back in august and I haven't had much of an issue until recently it started leaking but I couldn't track it. It looked almost as if the radiator was leaking from the seams but when I got it all cleaned up and changed the thermostat (which should have been done when I got my radiator replaced the first time but it was done at a shady shop in an emergency situation), it appears it is leaking where the reservoir hose connects. Is this possibly from a bad radiator cap or a reservoir hose? It doesn't make sense to me because all of this is new but I am thinking maybe a bad thermostat damaged the radiator? We did a pressure test and it holds pressure fine so I am a little confused as to why it is still leaking from that area. My biggest worry was the head gasket but I did an oil change Friday and there is no mixing. Not sure what to do from here and any advice would be awesome. Thanks fellow jeepers

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    Re: Radiator fun

    Make sure the fan is working. I fought with mine for a year before I figured out my fan clutch wasn't engaging. It worked well enough back east, but not well enough for AZ temperatures. If it's a mechanical fan, when the engine is operating temperature, open the hood and shut off the engine. If the fan keeps spinning, the clutch is probably out.

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    Re: Radiator fun

    Put a new hose on!
    It's about $20 from checker auto!
    That's where I'd start.
    Im back to the drawing board

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