We are good to go now. Thank you very much Preston, i owe you.
Also i owe this site for the help. Let me know who i need to contact to become a donating member because ive rode the free train for some time.
So my battery definitly did die. Then the battery was good due to preston and his jumper cables. Then my pump wouldnt turn on. Swapped a relay that we had swapped earlier and the pump started working but i was getting spark. Checked my distributor and that was good. Then at the same time my buddy was messing with the wires to my computer while i flipped a switch to a kill switch that hasnt worked in a decade and it fired up. Not sure if it was the kill switch because i flipped it once i got home and the jeep still ran. So im kind of stumped.
Oh and shredded a tire on the trail earlier also lol.

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