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Thread: Help needed with 97 ZJ

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    Help needed with 97 ZJ

    Hey guys, how's it going.. I'm new to the jeep community just bought my first one a 97 ZJ!! I got it for 2k so it needs work it's the 5.2 and lifted 3.5 inches I'm wondering if someone could help me figure out what I need to do to get it trustworthy to go offroad!!(trying to do crown king back road) I'm on 45th st and cactus. If anyone can help me out please let me know thx..
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    Re: Help needed with 97 ZJ

    Hello and welcome to the fun.

    Please let us know what issues you would like to address on your ZJ.

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    Re: Help needed with 97 ZJ

    Welcome! Also give your major cross streets so people will know approximately where you're located.
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    Does anyone have an extra front drive shaft?
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