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Thread: New law requiring CDL

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    Re: New law requiring CDL

    Ah **** my bad, federal law would probably supercede the AZ statute.

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    Re: New law requiring CDL

    Jesus, I could exceed this at max towing capacity, I’m gonna keep en eye on this
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    Re: New law requiring CDL

    I hate this topic

    You need to remember non CDL weight limits are for the vehicle/trailer rating....not the actual weight you’re hauling. The rating limit for an Az class C license is 26000 vehicle/10000 trailer. This means anyone hauling an empty gooseneck that weighs under 10000lbs is not legal (ARS 28-3101/3102) since most 8 wheel goosenecks are rated for around 15k lbs.

    However, ARS 28-3102 states the following:

    "Recreational vehicle" means a motor vehicle or vehicle combination that is more than twenty-six thousand pounds gross vehicle weight rating and that is designed and exclusively used for private pleasure, including vehicles commonly called motor homes, pickup trucks with campers, travel trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers used exclusively to transport personal possessions or persons for noncommercial purposes.“

    Now does this mean I’m legal to tow a 15k trailer with a class A rv but not legal if I do it with a 3/4 ton? Fortunately, I don’t really see this enforced in Az... Ca is a different story. Each state must comply with FMCSA standards as minimums but are allowed add additional requirements. Ca for example is the only state where you need a commercial license to operate an RV longer than 40’. The other 49 states don’t include length limits in their RV exemption laws. Lots of folks driving super C’s and class A’s end up stuck on the side of the road in Cali.
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    Re: New law requiring CDL

    I still think it's the "commercial" aspect that they are concentrating on. They want the revenue from businesses that are seemingly operating as recreational.
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    New law requiring CDL

    Just a side note: No CDL for me these days, although I use to have one and run a shipping yard. I bought a 14K GN in TX, 2 weeks ago. Drove it home with no issues and then registered it the next day. I tow heavy and want permanent plates. There was no way I was going to register it, under 10K, which many folks do.

    I paid for my permanent plate and 14K rating. I was told that AZ looks at it as 10K on the trailer and 4K on the truck (pin). I went over it several times with a couple of folks at the MVD office. I didnít need to have a CDL to tow the trailer and to tow 14K in AZ.

    The trailer is already becoming my new Hillbilly Hilton. It will have a pretty large cabover on it and my buggy. It will be seen from the road as an RV/Private Coach/RNTH. Even without it being an RV, I would have no issues driving it loaded, here.
    It was an interesting explanation. AZ avoids any enforcement issues, because even a 14K GN is considered as no more than a 10K trailer. I did not inquire about larger trailers.
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