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Thread: What happened to this forum?

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    What happened to this forum?

    I only check in here very infrequently. I don't own a jeep anymore (I have a buggy now), and many of the long time members aren't on here anymore it seems (I am a day one member).

    I always click "new posts" when I'm here. Today I see there are only 10 posts total this year. 3.3 posts per day?? Really?

    So what happened? This forum used to be so active, with lots of new info. Is it simply just that theres better forms of social media? I think the ease of posting pics on FB is a big killer of most forums. People love to show what they built and wheeled, and its not as easy when you have to use a photo hosting site to post pics and video. Being able to upload pics and video straight from the phone only makes it easier.

    So is it that? or?

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    I always get flamed for stating the obvious, so I will just get some popcorn ready instead...

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    I've wondered that also. I assume it's because of Facebook.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    Banning chased all the cool kids away. Now it's old and boring like me. They want to keep it family friendly. Which is cool. That way your 6 year old can get on and get info about lightbars. Blame Facebook if you want. But that's only a small part of the problem. Nate seems to be the only one posting runs anymore. And he's considered to be an "outcast" by some here so even his posts are down. Thanks Nate. Keep it up. The women on here are doing more than their fair share of posting runs. Thanks ladies. If you want people here make it fun again. Post runs and events. Quit the inner bickering and lighten up on the rules a little. Or we can just die and blame Facebook.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?


    "I think the ease of posting pics on FB is a big killer of most forums."

    Imma be on FB anyway because that's where the kids and people with other interests post. Might be time to figure out a way to automatically cross-post forum entries to FB like ThumperTalk does for dirt bikers.

    Besides, all the lightbar info is on FB.
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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    IMO, being PC is not condusive to jeepers, or the old hard core guys,

    again, jmo

    happy new year

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    It's tough to launch pics from my old 286. Can't find the floppy disks anymore.
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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    Yahoo group reflector was killed off by this forum.
    This forum is now being killed off by Facebook.
    Eventually something will kill off Facebook.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    Def due to FB. I hate the FB groups tho. The same questions get asked over and over. Its disorganized and pretty much a chit show.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    I paid for life membership to support the forum and have tried to host two different runs in the last few months with zero interest. Kind of a downer. I’m anti Facebook so I guess I’m gonna be out of the loop.

    I did find a nice Meetup group to wheel with and that’s been great. I’m glad there’s other alternatives.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    I agree these days that to some degree it is the ease of posting drivel on FB that is contributing to the lack of activity on the forum. Commenting on FB requires no effort, so people just do it mindlessly as soon as (and many times before) a coherent thought pops into their minds and most times without paying even the slightest bit of attention to anything anyone has said before they post their invaluable sentiments. A lot of what is posted on FB reads like people are just banging all their fingers on a keyboard at once. Interestingly, it is easy to create "events" on FB, but when people post up runs, most of the time they're so lazy they don't even bother to use the "events" capability of FB, they just post "going out to sycamore saturday if anybody wants to go" and then complain that nobody wheels anymore when no one shows up.

    And I guess it's a sign that we have business sponsors who pay to support the forum and advertise to membership, but end up only advertising on the FB group.

    Cross posting things like runs from here to there and vice versa would help some. I used to cross post from here to there a lot and require fb people to come back here to sign up for runs. If someone (or a few people) would volunteer to do that consistently, it would be nice.

    Also, FB does allow for easy photo uploading. I think creating an easier way for people to upload unlimited amounts of photos directly to forum would lend to more activity here, and I have shared that sentiment with Joe. As a moderator, I can upload high res photos directly here pretty much without limit, but registered users can upload a maximum of only a few photos, sponsoring members a few more I believe. There are two ways to upload photos to the forum - one is via tapatalk if you're on mobile and tapatalk allows for what appears to me to be unlimited uploads / hosting.

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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    All good points have been stated above.
    I assumed that the group wanted to shift to fb for many reasons but Im all for posting stuff here on the forum .

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    What happened to this forum?

    Sure, FB makes it easy to post pics, but so does tapacrap (tapatalk). FB makes it a soooo much easier to post videos, though. No needing to use YouTube, unless you want HD vids.
    I use both the board and FB to post up all of my land issue info and I check the board to see if there is a question I can answer. I will still post up the runs I host. Like Woody, I'm also a buggy guy these days, so I don't run many VJC friendly trails. I'm basically only posting up my annual Newbs at Night run and other educationally focused runs, here. I used to check the classifieds, but not much of the stuff posted there will work on my rig, these days.
    I'm OG, but not day one OG. As a first month OG I've seen the board evolve. I was a member of the yahoo groups before that.
    Some of things I've noticed:
    1) back in the day google searching the board would refer you to Joe's Dive shop business. Always caused me to scratch my head
    2) the whole need to be a paying member to get a sticker, get special forum access, and post sale ads. Always rubbed this long time member, wrong. We used to all be able to have access to everything
    3) watching the business sponsorship debacle play out, since the VJC became a pay to play site. Still trying to figure out how much it helps the businesses. At least the costs have come down a bit...
    4) Joe not living here or wheeling per se, but still controlling everything. At least he got a Jeep again, after he moved.
    5) rules. While they help with some things, they also push folks away
    6) internet bravado. When it shows up here it seems to be both funny and damaging

    I'm more active than ever with land use issues/meetings and on buggy trails, 2-3 weekends a month. The VJC doesn't really cater to this type of wheeling. Tech usage is down and hardcore use/the Hardcore Forum has been a joke, for a few years. The VJC seems focused on being a well regulated board, for newer jeepers with moderate builds.
    I won't stop being a member or leading the runs I do, any time soon. The future of jeeping can be found here. I love getting folks out of their comfort zone on the rocks and watching them get 'hooked'. It's fun to see folks after a Newbs at Night run or any of the old classes. The smiles are priceless. Don't know how you make it grow again, but it's worth discussing. Thanks for kicking it off, Woodster.

    Using tapacrap to post this. Makes pic posting easy. From a little trip on New Year's day:
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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    I still post up here. I don't have a face book account and will probably never will. I have posted a few runs but often times it is on a Friday so that puts some people out.
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    Re: What happened to this forum?

    It's definitely FB doing it, and this is not the only forum feeling it. I'm a member on a HD forum and before the book came along, every day there would be 125-180 "updated threads" to look at. Most didn't pertain to me or my bike. But now, I can go 4 days without logging in and still only have 45-60 threads to review.

    It has changed. It doesn't mean you can't use it. The forum will always be what the members make it, if they are allowed. The Moderation may have hurt. The Drama Section definitely hurt. Who wants to post in a section where you can't edit your posts. That killed the drama, even the fun stuff.

    FB is king. You have to be a member. If you don't have a FB account you are missing so many things. Family and friends posting pictures, important invitations, deaths, etc. It is Social Media and it works if used correctly.

    Example- There is a discussion about a new law that will require a CDL for any vehicle with a GVWR >10,000 or a combined weight "rating" of >26,000. I haven't found that discussion on any forums, yet. But this will affect a lot of us. I'm right at 26,000 "rating" when pulling the toyhauler.
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