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Thread: Mishimoto, FlowKooler, and Samco hoses--why I'm an OEM guy again....

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    Mishimoto, FlowKooler, and Samco hoses--why I'm an OEM guy again....

    So, back around 2010 I figured I'd upgrade my cooling--for all the years I've puttered around the Arizona deserts, I was convinced of two things--never go anywhere without a goodly bit of emergency water, and make dang sure your cooling system works. As to the latter, I upgraded my 06 Rubicon with a Mishimoto Radiator, Samco hoses, and Flowkooler waterpump, and tossed in an early version of Genright hood louvers to boot. The only thing that hasn't failed are the louvers. I've been through THREE warranty replacements on the Mishimoto (and now have a CSF in it), all due seeping at anywhere from 3 to 18 months use; two Flowkoolers, one failed within the two year warranty and one just outside), and the Samco hose burst at about 3 years. Every one of these failures was way under the meant time between failures I've had with OEM or OEM quality replacements, and I'm back to Gate's hoses, AC/Delco waterpump, and the CSF radiator. Abundance of caution--spare hoses and pump in the back, but at least I don't feel like I'm rolling the dice and subsidizing the antifreeze industry by using three brands which have proven themselves to be failures in my experience. Expensive failures, I'd add....

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    Re: Mishimoto, FlowKooler, and Samco hoses--why I'm an OEM guy again....

    Sorry to hear of the durability/reliability issues. It's not often that one finds products which have better durability/reliability than OEM which have gone through extensive amounts of testing and development before mass production.
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