As the title says, I would like to rent a vehicle lift in a shop. Possibly several times. I Googled it and there are a couple of places in the Phx area that provide lift rental, some as cheap as $15 an hour. But I would rather rent from someone on this board if possible. I just bought a ZJ that has a small exhaust leak and I think finding the leak would be much easier on a lift. But I also want to inspect everything underneath and that is SOOOOOOO much easier on a lift.

Speaking of lift... when I get my suspension lift kit I would LOVE to install it on a lift. All of the previous lifts I have installed have been on a driveway with jacks and jack stands. But I am not 25 anymore and crawling underneath a vehicle is not as easy at 47.

Just thought I would throw this idea out there. Maybe one of you owns a shop with a spare lift that rarely gets used? If so, you could make some extra cash by letting someone like me rent it. I would gladly pay $100 per day to use one.