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Thread: ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

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    Question ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

    I am wondering if using plastic or metal ammo cans to store fluids/oil in the jeep is a good way to prevent spills? I have just been throwing the quart oil bottles on the floorboard, but I am fearful that they might get punctured or rupture and make a huge mess. Does anyone else have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

    Check put Artec Industries Quart Crates. Good stuff!


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    Re: ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

    Quote Originally Posted by TreeKiller View Post
    Check put Artec Industries Quart Crates. Good stuff!

    X2 I run a six quart one: motor oil, trans oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid with a couple of them doubled up. $350 generated for the AZOHVC from the sale of these decals so far. ($5/pair is donated)

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    ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

    Ammo cans are a decent solution because they can be hard mounted, easily. They are waterproof and fit a variety of stuff. They are bulky, though.

    That said, like the above comments, I opted for Artec. It's a smaller footprint, that is purpose built. No worry about things shifting around, as they are locked in place. The 6-pack fits my needs, well.

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    Re: ammo cans for storing fluids/oil in the jeep?

    I went with the Ballistic fabs version of the oil bottle holder. Only because it opened on the left instead of the right, and they are made down in Tucson.
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