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Thread: Hackberry Creek 12/9/17

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    Hackberry Creek 12/9/17

    I am looking at a Hackberry Creek run this Saturday (12-9-17). I prefer at least one locker and at least 33ís. I only ran this once, and everyone had a great time. If anyone is familiar with this trail I would like them to lead if they want to. We will air down at magma mine Road. I think meet time will be 7:30 or 8:00 at the Circle K in Superior to top off and get snacks.

    1. Huckleberry/Dave/TJ
    2. LO PHAT/Nate/XJUR
    3. Aribelin/Allen/TJU
    4. kjstinga/Mark(and Matt)/TJR

    1. Eddie/TJUR

    Do to the the temperature. I would like to start a little later. Meet at the Circle K at 9 am. Please let me know if everyone is ok with that

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