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Thread: Log Corral Trail update/info/help

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    Log Corral Trail update/info/help

    I'm looking for a Log Corral Trail update. Has anyone been there lately? I'm planning on running to the lake this month. I did a search and the last update i found was 5 months ago. Thanks

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    Re: Log Corral Trail update/info/help

    Was there about a month ago, the only big change I came across was the boulder just prior to the rock garden. No problem going to the right of it though.
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    Re: Log Corral Trail update/info/help

    Lets go this Saturday!

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    Re: Log Corral Trail update/info/help

    Quote Originally Posted by AZjeepergurl67 View Post
    Lets go this Saturday!
    To do this trail your Jeep needs tires bigger than what TikisTJ has on her Jeep.

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