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Thread: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

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    New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    New to the site Born and raised in Gilbert living in mesa now with my wife. We are looking for new people to go rock crawling with. My jeep is a TJ Rubicon on 35's for now.I used to wheel all the time back in the day. I'm 32 now and getting back into it. I'm known for going out wheelin' by myself if i cant get anybody to go with me. All my old wheelin' people were either drunk drama filled or people that got married had kids and sold there jeeps. So here i am. I don't drink, so i wheel sober. I don't care if you drink and wheel, just be safe.I'm a nice and polite guy that will give you the shirt off my back, but don't take no ****. Most of the time i'm funny and clowning around. We believe a safe trip is a good trip. We don't want to go out with people that are tied down with kids or drama of any kind. Just fun. Lair's and thieves need not apply.Name:  image000000_49 PROFILE 2.jpg
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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    I have done trails in Florence, table mesa, sycamore, one of my favorites is Hackberry Creek.

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Hello and welcome to the fun.

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Welcome aboard from the East Valley! ! !
    Hope to see you on the trails

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Welcome to the fray! $350 generated for the AZOHVC from the sale of these decals so far. ($5/pair is donated)

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Howdy from Mesa. If it's lack of Drama you are looking for, you have come to the right place!

    There's always a bit of Drama but it's easy to avoid.

    I also don't have any kids but don't mind when folks bring the little ones along. It can mean more stops but that's okay. I tend to keep to the moderate trails and like to stop a few times to socialize anyways.

    I do a lot of runs through BullDog, often on Fridays, when the weather is nice. It's about as easy as it gets but it's close and fun. You are always welcome to join.
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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    ****Specs****TJ RUBICON Dana 44 front and rear Locked alloy axles johnny joints body/fenders cut high low CG 35'' tires Teraflex Front Trail Sway Bar 1" Engine Lift/body lift currie steering GenRight Crawler EXT Gas Tank Griffin Aluminum Radiator flex a lite black magic fan HID lights CB

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Welcome. I went to Gilbert Jr High back in the early 80s.

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Welcome from the east valley!

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    Welcome to the club
    Im back to the drawing board

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    thanks all for the welcome

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    Re: New to the site from Mesa/Gilbert

    lots of good wheelers/people out here in the E valley. welcome.

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