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Thread: Bits for sale...

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    Bits for sale...

    Hi gang. Ive got a few items Im looking to off load. Not looking to make a ton of money from these here, just recoup some $$ from the upgrades. PM me if anything grabs your interest. Happy trails.

    Brand New Chrome Smittybuilt Fairlead w/ hardware

    Used Fairlead w/ hardware

    Used Smittybuilt 9,500 Winch (was not working when removed, gets power but will not draw line in. Could just be the motor but dont have time or chops to diagnose & repair) Wire cable, hook, and remote included

    Pair of working KC lights w/ bracket hardware

    Teaser....coming off soon will be 5 Pro Comp 16" Alum Alloy rims, 1 with never used/rotated 33 Maxxis Big Horn Tire

    PM me for any takers/offers.

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    Re: Bits for sale...

    Winch has been sold. Fairleads & lights are still available.

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