I am thinking about switching from Cox to CentryLink, I would like to hear any good or bad about them. I would be getting their 80Mbps service (fastest they offer for my house) for $45 a month with their rate lock. I currently have Cox 100Mbps @ $89 a month, no phone or TV service needed. I was on the 50Mbps plan, so if CentryLink can hold that I would be good. I am not sure if the 80Mbps is fiber or DSL. I am curious about reliability, with Cox my internet has about a 99.9% up time in the last 10 years. Only real issues has been my modems dying off and my IP has only changed when my modem changed.

I am just looking at trying to save some money, but don't want to suffer quality much (granted I know their customer service is one of the worst ).