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Thread: New tj guy

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    New tj guy

    Hi guys I'm just recently got my 2005 tj and recentl got in lil accident so I'm pretty sure my front axle bent. So I was wondering if anybody knows where I could get new front housing or assembly fairly cheap side 😀😀😀. Any help would b gratefully appreciated. Also I want to go with flat fenders on it. I was wondering who makes fenders and inner fenders for them. I have only seen the spider ones. Was hoping someone knows of a cheaper set up then there's thank you very much guys.

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    Re: New tj guy

    Hello and welcome to the fun.

    Craigslist would be a good place to start looking for a replacement front axle. They also pop up in the market place section of this forum from time to time. Try to find an axle that has the same gear ratio as the axle you are replacing. If you can do that, then it will be an easy swap.

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    Re: New tj guy

    Why do you think axle is bent?
    I believe I still have an empty D30 housing, I will check when I get home.
    I also have a built D30 for sale $1400
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    Re: New tj guy

    Welcome to the fray! $350 generated for the AZOHVC from the sale of these decals so far. ($5/pair is donated)

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    Re: New tj guy

    Welcome to the club!
    Im back to the drawing board

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