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Thread: My new tow rig! 2017 F250

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    Re: My new tow rig! 2017 F250

    since we are talking MPG. I just did a round trip to WA towing empty up, and full back and got 17.5 on the over head display up, and 15.5 back. Cruse control set at 75 for most of the way up and back. On the way up, i hit 80 everyonce in a while and back, was 70-75 most of the way.

    20 hours of driving up
    25 hours of driving back

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    Re: My new tow rig! 2017 F250

    I get 16-17 around town and seem to average about 10 when towing the trailer. Flat towing the jeep seems to have no effect on MPG.

    I started using this stuff called Rex-X in my oil. I gained almost 70 miles per tank. Just to make sure I wasn't imagining it, I didn't add it to the oil after the last oil change I did, and sure enough my range dropped.

    I have the dreaded 6.0 international so YMMV since your injectors are not the same as mine.
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