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    race trucks

    Selling all my race stuff for full size jeep, 79 cherokee and 77 j-10 offroad historic race trucks and spares, listed on race Both are apart and need to be assembled, most all parts there. perfect to go racing in jeep speed or norra. like to sell as package deal $1200.00 , or sell cherokee chassis for $290, full race cage and extras, j-10 chassis for $300, full race cage, fiberglass front end, suspension parts and extra. or without front end or without suspension also . Tim, 623-696-6524 The j-10 chassis was a local build by Ed Nelson and Rick Gumbine
    and raced at Parker, Barstow, baja 500 and 1000, and there were associated with Randell's jeep race team at one time.Attachment 71975Name:  IMG_0484.JPG
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    Re: race trucks

    Bump, selling off in pieces. price reduction
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    Re: race trucks

    bump for change

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    Re: race trucks

    bump, price reduction ! cheap
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    Re: race trucks

    price drop, rock bottom. steel cost more than these chassis cost

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    Re: race trucks

    price drop, axles sold

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    Re: race trucks

    bump , pics added

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