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Thread: 99 4.0l oil pan wanted

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    99 4.0l oil pan wanted

    Anyone have an oil Pam for a 99 4.0l. It's in a grand Cherokee if that matters. My son just found out his drain plug had been stripped, drilled out and a large bolt silicone into place on his.


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    Re: 99 4.0l oil pan wanted

    Even if you are hoping to find a cheap, used oil pan, I would still suggest that you give Rich at Moore Chrysler Jeep a call.

    You can also send him a PM: Rich@MooreChryslerJeep

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    Re: 99 4.0l oil pan wanted

    I have a brand new oil pan in my storage for a 4.0L, not sure if it would work but you can have it for free. I could run over there and get the part number if it would help in your search. $350 generated for the AZOHVC from the sale of these decals so far. ($5/pair is donated)

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    Re: 99 4.0l oil pan wanted

    I have a new one in stock if you cant find used. Part # 53010340AB, jeep club price is $ 166.50 plus tax, pan gasket # 53007568, jeep club price $ 36.83 + tax.
    Let me know.

    Thanks for the referral Nathaniel

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    Re: 99 4.0l oil pan wanted

    Hit up a pick and pull

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