Hey guys,

Can you provide some feedback on the following incident? I'm getting some mixed instruction from non-mechanics and I feel this is deserving of a response from a wider group of people and professionals in the industry.

My JK threw an error code for a misfiring #2 cylinder. I didn't have the time or patience to work on it, so I took it last minute to a shop while on my way home from work the night before leaving town on a camping trip.

The mechanic squeezed me in 10 minutes before closing to replace plugs and wires.

When they got to the #2 plug they stopped because they couldn't remove it. They asked I leave the Jeep overnight, so it would cool down and they would remove it in the AM.

Morning came and hours later with multiple promises, but failed communication attempts, they finally told me they cracked the sleeve pulling the plug.

Now they removed the head (drivers side only) and are in the process of getting it machined, putting in a new sleeve and putting it all back together.

I have a bill for $900 for the machining labor, sleeve install, and labor to put it all back together. This is in addition to the $200 charged for all new plugs, wires and labor.

Fair? Not fair?

Thanks in advance!

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