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Thread: Hello Again...........

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    Hello Again...........

    I drifted away and into the diesel world for a few years........ i guess just long enough to get knocked out. My previous screen name was Droopy but with a new jeep and family its now LAHST. Hope to see some old faces around as well as meeting new people.

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    Re: Hello Again...........

    Hello and welcome back to the fun.

    "Lophat is not going anywhere, it's a reference. This forum would fold up and die if he left. LOL!" -- OTR-93YJ

    "if they are like LoPhat, then their heads are stuck so far up their rear they have re-emerged as a head." -- From_Catherine

    "Lo-Phat.. Don't wash the XJ. You don't want someone to confuse it as a mall crawler.." -- Will E

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    Re: Hello Again...........

    Welcome back! Post up a pic, or a few.

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