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Thread: Joined ARA today - Any others?

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    Joined ARA today - Any others?

    I joined ARA today. Just $25 for a year and $18 a year after that. I understand running a repeater isn't cheap so this is a good way to support them. THey seemed to have one of the larger number of repeaters and most, if not all, appear to be linked.

    I also just joined It was free.

    Any other clubs I should support/join?
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    Re: Joined ARA today - Any others?

    Unfortunately 4x4ham seems to be dieing. Kind of went inactive after the Wednesday night net stopped.

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    Re: Joined ARA today - Any others?

    It does seem that the forum part of 4x4 Ham has slowed considerably. I think they have resurrected the net as a monthly net. I was out of town for last month's net and wasn't available this past week so I'm not sure how it went. I have done a couple trail rides with guys from 4x4 Ham and they are some good folks to wheel with. I still check in there and hope it can make a comeback.

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    Re: Joined ARA today - Any others?

    I thought 4x4ham and Offroad Passport kinda merged or something like that. Never did see much activity on the forum and only went on one run with them.

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