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Thread: Online Video Prep for technician Ham License

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    Online Video Prep for technician Ham License

    I was at the big ham radio event last week in Quartzsite. In talking to some other hams, one of them mentioned a good online video prep course that he had used to pass the technician exam. I thought I would pass it on for anyone interested in getting their ham license.

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    Re: Online Video Prep for technician Ham License

    Nice page. I used an Android app to help me prepare. I helped that I also took a class in eighth grade in electronics, but kept up on it over the course of my life.
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    Re: Online Video Prep for technician Ham License

    Someone posted this link on the VJC Facebook page. The Scottsdale ARC is offering a free course at the end of February. All they ask is you purchase a $20 book and do a worksheet before you show up. My fiancee and I are signed up for it.
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