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Thread: AR-15 or Mini-14

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    Re: AR-15 or Mini-14

    Well I have to say it's been awhile that I have looked at prices on mini 14, when I bought one it was 360 bucks just looked at Cabelas >Ruger® AR-556™ Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle
    Reg. $699.99 Sale: $629.99 that's not bad... the mini 14 is almost 900 at cabelas WOW!

    So if you guys like AR style rifles what is a good brand or make to get ? Give him more info... I just have a bushmaster that I let the wife shoot.. And have had it for more then 20 years same with mini 14 but I do agree with the accuracy it's not to bad with the one I have but longer barrels are better...

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    Re: AR-15 or Mini-14

    I was reading a while back that Ruger modified their manufacturing processes to get better accuracy out of the Mini 14, but I don't know how much better it actually got. I like the rifle but I also like to hit what I'm shooting at, and I like long distance shooting (I shoot my 10-22 at 100+ yards).
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    Re: AR-15 or Mini-14

    The Mini 14 is what I consider a low profile ranch rifle, similar to the M14. On the other hand, the AR15 is more a tactical rifle.
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