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Thread: 11 days of beach time!

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    Re: 11 days of beach time!

    Quote Originally Posted by aheath4 View Post
    Get Down With the Sickness!

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    Re: 11 days of beach time!

    Quote Originally Posted by azgypsy View Post
    Besides all the hospital compition and sand in my swimming trunks, here's a look at one of our neighbors boats,,,,
    Looks like the Titanic headed for it's watery grave. Seriously Dave?
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    Re: 11 days of beach time!

    Hey Dave, hope your mom recovers 100%, and hope you have a great time at the beach. You deserve it! Have a martini or 6 for me sir!

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    Re: 11 days of beach time!

    Tell Mom we said hi and to hang in there, she'll probably start feeling better in about 11 days or so.
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    Re: 11 days of beach time!

    God speed with your mom. As far as your pics postings Dave, well some things never change, lol.

    We should vote to change your username. SidewaysDave? azsidewaysgypsy? Just having fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Locked & Loaded View Post
    LOL. I'm one of the dbags.

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