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Thread: In my thoughts...

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    Re: Send up prayers and good thoughts for Desert4x4

    Rest in Peace. Life is too short!

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    Re: Send up prayers and good thoughts for Desert4x4

    Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May he rest in peace. This is very sad.


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    Re: Send up prayers and good thoughts for Desert4x4

    Terrible news, RIP John Howe - Desert4x4.....
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    I wish we had more info on the cause and the investigation. The damage Johns Jeep sustained was soo excessive. What the hell happened??? Ughhhh I am so sad abou this tragic loss to our Jeep family!!

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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Quote Originally Posted by AZjeepergurl67 View Post
    The damage Johns Jeep sustained was soo excessive. What the hell happened???
    Rumor is, witnesses saw a woman driving a car in excess of 100mph hit the Jeep. Both vehicles rolled over multiple times.
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    So very sad / sorry to hear
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Been a while since I've logged in here, but needed to come back to where it all started. What a great guy John was. He will be missed by many... Prayers to his wife, kids and grandkids...
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Quote Originally Posted by bmlbytes View Post
    Rumor is, witnesses saw a woman driving a car in excess of 100mph hit the Jeep. Both vehicles rolled over multiple times.
    I hear she hit his Jeep which sent it rolling over a Honda Civic, then finally landed in a parking lot. The entire front end, engine and all, is missing from her car. I haven't heard a lick about what happened to her. I can only assume she didn't survive either.

    Jon was one of the first people I wheeled with regularly, and have only seen him recently at CK or the BBQ. He was an awesome human being who was happy everywhere he went. He loved that Jeep like it was his own son. His positive attitude and love of life will be missed dearly. Godspeed my friend.
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Just saw this. Prayers to his family and all that knew him. Such a tragic event.
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Don't want to believe what my eyes see. Desert 4X4, John's jeep, very tragic, and difficult to believe that such a kind hearted peaceful soul departed in such a horrific way.

    John was a one in a million friend, and I will miss him dearly. When the dogs and I are out panning the creeks, I'll be remembering the gold fever stories we shared through the years.

    Prayers for his Family, so very sorry for your loss.
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    Re: In my thoughts...

    Seems it has been years since I have seen John. Very friendly and positive. So sad to read this news. Rest in peace.

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    Re: In my thoughts...

    My FedEx ground truck driver saw the accident he was the first one to get to him from what he saw was the jeep and car were driving I think eastbound approaching 7th street on Greenway Parkway and from what he could tell was the car moved over into the jeeps lane while over taking him cutting him off possibly he didn't see that part, and the jeep turned to avoid a collision causing the high speed roll over end over end which was several times and rolled over another car I think on the other side of the road then hit a wall and rolled over into the FedEx parking lot. He said when he got to him he was trapped by the door and jeep roll bars and not responsive and he didn't want to try and pull him out because he wasn't able to talk to him and didn't want to do more damage. He only told me about it because he saw me drive up in my jeep he showed me a few pictures he had on his phone similar to the ones posted here of the wrecked jeep from a distance. Made me think about my driving on the highway and roads have to take into consideration how fast I'm going when I'm driving sometimes I find it easy to go little faster then I should be going need to think how my jeep will react to sudden turn from collision avoidance. Sorry for the folks here who knew him I don't post much but just wanted to relay what he told me.
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