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Thread: Lighted shot hit indicator

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    Lighted shot hit indicator

    I often shoot the .50 at 300-650 yards, so hits aren't obvious. I built this hit indicator light from stuff I had laying around. Total build cost would be around $30 if you buy the parts new.

    DEI 504D shock sensor ($12)
    Any 12v (automotive-type) LED light ($8-15)
    Any 12v source (can be pretty small, I'm using RC helicopter batteries)
    Some wire and connectors as desired for distance and connections
    In some cases you may need a small 12v relay ($4)

    Parts drawings are below. The 504D can handle up to 200mA by itself without the relay. If you use an LED that consumes more than 200mA then you need the relay. Most LEDs will be below that. I'm using a trailer marker bar and it's only 40mA.

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    Carlos Alvarez
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    Re: Lighted shot hit indicator

    Hopefully that holds up! I can hear my plates up to about 600yds with the .308
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    Re: Lighted shot hit indicator

    The shock knocked it right off, so next time I'm going to put the sensor on the chain instead of the plate. I guess I forgot how much the .50 does to even 1/2" steel.
    Carlos Alvarez
    2015 copper pearl JKU Rubicon

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