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Thread: M1101 Trailer Build

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    M1101 Trailer Build

    So, not that long ago I purchased a military m1101 trailer to tow behind my '11 JKU. The point was to make it a true badass off-road camping trailer. This was my criteria as I began to document my build requirements:

    1) It had to be well under the jk tow capacity

    2) capable of sleeping 3

    3) able to haul a canoe or kayak

    4) equipped with modern electrical necessities: USB charging, LED lighting. And, use of solar for quick, reliable recharge

    5) carry enough water for cleaning and washing during a multi-day trip

    6) pump quality sound/music over Bluetooth

    7) allow for neat and organized storage that is easy to load or unload.

    8) sturdy & secure. A true off road trailer IMO must be bug-out capable and thus be fully stocked and ready to go at any second, without the need to worry about security between trips.

    9) carry a kitchen in the form of a large camp chef, propane tank(s), and all that goes with thy he ability to cook like a champ in the middle of nowhere.

    10) allow a load to take this beast on a trip for a weekend or a month. Yes, a month.

    11) it must look pretty bad *** at the end of the build, not look obnoxious nor have the neighbors thinking I was "breaking bad" on the side of the house.

    12) the budget should be under $3k, including trailer

    Challenging. The greatest of which is weight and budget. However, I was my eyes. If people are remotely interested in seeing my step-by-step build with pics and descriptions I'll gladly do so.

    Here's a few pictures from the first day I brought the trailer home:

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    Re: M1101 Trailer Build

    This looks like the start of a great thread. More pics please.

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    Re: M1101 Trailer Build

    Yes please! I've pondered the same approach. I was just looking at surplus trailers at an auction site the other day.

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    Re: M1101 Trailer Build

    Quote Originally Posted by btfive73 View Post
    Yes please! I've pondered the same approach. I was just looking at surplus trailers at an auction site the other day.

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    You know you can't afford a trailer lol besides you just bought a tent trailer so you don't have to tent it any more you big p***y lol

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    Re: M1101 Trailer Build

    More pics pls.

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    Re: M1101 Trailer Build

    Did this project continue? I have just recently discovered the tent trailers. My wife says she is not sleeping on the ground. I looked at roof top tents,but need more storage.

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