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Thread: Video Production Services for the Offroad Community

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    Video Production Services for the Offroad Community

    I do video production, primarily targeted at the offroad community but also handle other industries and markets as well.

    I am a 30 year professional in the video industry, and have an Emmy and 3 patents for my efforts over the years. I own a full arsenal of gear, largely suited for run and gun on the trail work, but also have a set of studio and on site equipment for working in a business location.

    I operate as 4 Low Flix. I currently produce a series based in Moab Utah called the Moab Rock Stars. It features Dan and Richard Mick (local tour operators) and we visit trails in Moab and the surrounding area.

    My youtube channel carries the series as well as a number of other videos I've done. Check it out at

    If you have an event that needs to be covered or you know a shop or business owner who would like to do some short pieces for their business website, showroom use, or even TV or cable ads, I'd be glad to help.


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    Re: Video Production Services for the Offroad Community

    I could have used you a few years ago. I had this idea of using OHV funds to make a commercial spreading the "tread lightly" and " pack it out" messages to run on TV a couple nights a week during the peak OHV purchase season. But, not sure of the idea now.

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