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Thread: Bolt help

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    Bolt help

    I need hardware. This is what I need but I don't know sizes. I figure the Gurus of this forum may or have a URL that will lead me to the correct sizes.

    1. Bolts that go from the bell housing to the transmission or vice versa. I think there are 4.

    2. Bolts that bolt the bell housing to the engine block.

    4. Bolts that hold the t-case (Dana 300) to the adapter plate.

    5. What size are the four bolts in the center?

    Pics are for reference. If you need more, let me know. Thanks for all the help.

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    Re: Bolt help

    I can't help you but if you provide more information, perhaps someone on here can.

    What motor are you trying to bolt the bellhousing to?

    What transmission is the bellhousing off of?

    What transmission are you trying to bolt to the bellhousing?

    What adapter plate are you using to mate the D300 to the transmission?

    Some people can probably tell from the photos, but I can't. For example, I have a stock 4.0 in my rig, and use the stock AX15 bellhousing, but I have an NV4500 transmission for which Advance Adapters makes the adapter plate to mate the NV4500 to the AX15 bellhousing. It's unlikely anyone would just be able to guess what I needed without knowing all of that.

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    Re: Bolt help

    Thanks. I found the info this morning.
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