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Thread: North Rim Grand Canyon

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    North Rim Grand Canyon

    I have been looking at Google Earth (GE) and other maps I have at forest roads off highway 67 that leads to the North Rim. Some of the forest road numbers are 282 212, 462, 461. Does anyone know if these roads are open to Jeep traffic, and will the North Rim be open the end of March 2016, or is there a set date they open 67 and these trails. I left a VME for the National Park folks but have not heard back from thought I would ask the experts.

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    Re: North Rim Grand Canyon

    From their website...

    Seasonal Road Closures, NORTH RIM

    The North Rim is Closed for the Winter and will reopen on May 15, 2016
    The last day for most visitor services and regularly scheduled ranger-led programs is October 15.

    The National Park Service continues its operations including the North Rim Visitor Center and Bookstore, as well as the Backcountry Permits Office through October 31.

    During the month of November, the North Rim is open for day use only (no overnight parking) unless snow closes Highway 67 prior to that date. During the month of November pay-at-the-pump gas and diesel are available.

    Check with the Arizona Department of Transportation for current road conditions:

    Once the Arizona Department of Transportation closes Highway 67 south of Jacob Lake to vehicle traffic for the winter season, (usually by December 1,) the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park also closes to vehicle traffic.

    The gate at Jacob Lake is closed and locked and the gate at the North Rim entrance station is closed and locked. The National Park Service does not unlock the entrance station gate for public vehicle access until North Rim visitor facilities open up for the season in mid-May.

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    Re: North Rim Grand Canyon

    If you are looking for a Jeep trail at the north rim the Point Sublime trail is a fun short trail that gets you to a secluded overlook. There are other trails listed in the Wells book

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    Re: North Rim Grand Canyon

    Your best source of information is to call the Fredonia ranger station for road conditions. We've done a number of backpacking trips from the point sublime area, but never been there any earlier than May. There was recent snow during those times. The best way to get out there is to go in 461 to 462 to 422. 422 stays at a lower elevation and clears first. The ranger station/housing is on that road as well. After that you'll be at the hands of the weather. Be prepared to clear downed trees, its very common out that way till about June when the FS has had time to clear the trails.
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