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    Nitto G2

    I have had my 2015 Ram Megacab for almost a year now and have a little over 9k on it. Done some nice road trips and all so far.

    The stock tires on this one were 285/70/18 Firestones. The tires actually had no complaints from me other than they looked smallish in the wheel wells and the tread was rated an all terrain, but in my eyes was on the very mild side of all terrains. Only one thing I did notice was when curb checking the outer skin of these tires liked to peel up and chunck off easily.

    The wheels on these stock offerings in the 18" size I am not a fan off. I really don't like the look at all and wheels have a flat face and no offset, so it on a huge truck limo looked very tame. The 20" option was not much better on these trucks.

    I shopped around for wheels and finally decided on American Outlaw Armors. These tires are an -18 offset IIRC and 8.5" wide. Shopping for wheels is a bit of a PITA with so many choices and styles. You think you found a nice one the you see a another truck with something and think mane that looks legit.

    With the offset and wider wheel, the would have some dish/depth to them but not aggressively stick out so much to look like a roller skate.


    New wheels

    Next I decided to go with better tires. I am a fan on Coopers but my attention was drawn to the new look and design of the BFG. I am not a really big fan of BFG's and really think they are overrated (I used them a lot in the oilfield). But sitting next to the BFG on display was the new designed Nitto G2. This one is a little more aggressive than the regular Nitto AT Terra Grappler. Then what really sealed the deal was it has a 50k mileage warranty. I was dealing with our new Discount Tire here and in the past they have always honored their mileage warranty with me. On top of that, I plugged in the tire to google and found the lowest price in the Internet and they matched it with no issues. So I saved $25 per tire.

    My next decision was size. My stock 285's looked too tame and lame under that huge truck and wheel well. I did not want to mess with leveling or lifting this truck as really it's too big to be overlanding this one (as I did with my '07). I was still considering 35's anyway and deal with the rub later, but then got to playing with the tire calculator and found 295/70/18 were a just right in between compromise. So in reality I am running 34's. Close and zero rub issues.

    Here's the comparison chart. Now is appears to be a negligible difference, but looking that truck it makes it have a different attitude and stance.

    I don't even have to recalibrate my speedo.

    I just got back from a 1000 mile road trip and the tires ride silky smooth. They do have some road noise on the interstate speeds, but nothing annoying. Grip on corners at 70+ mph such as on the 53 miles of twisty and hilly road between Payson & Mesa AZ were secure and quiet. No tire squeal or squirm at all.

    When we pulled back into Durango last night we were met with ice covered roads and powdery snow dusted on top to make it the worst case slick road scenario. The tire did excellent and felt very secure. I let the truck get a little sideways and I will say the traction control lined the truck out faster than I could at 45 mph. That was a very weird feeling for sure. But the combo of year tires and the trucks nanny was perfectly comfortable.
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    Re: Nitto G2

    I run the G2s on my wife's truck. I bought the E rated ones since we tow our jeep on a 20 ft trailer and wanted the extra piece of mind. We run them at around 48 psi day to day and bump the rears up to around 60-65psi when towing. We have about 10k miles on them and they hardly show any wear.

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