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Thread: Noob Help Please

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    Noob Help Please

    I bought a 1966 Kaiser cj5 last year (buick v6 dauntless, t90 trans, dana 18). A lot had already been replaced and updated when I bought shocks, exhaust, tires, carb, some transmission work. I am not a mechanic, but want to learn to work on and maintain this jeep myself. It runs OK but has a few problems. First, after I drive it a while (about 30 minutes), it bucks and hesitates like it is running out of fuel. I replaced the fuel filter, but have not had a chance to run it long enough to see it the problem is fixed. Secondly, the transfer case leaks badly. Some spotting I can handle, but this is a large puddle within a few days. A tow truck driver looked at it and thought it may be missing a gasket from when it was last taken apart. Thirdly I am having problems with 3rd gear syncing and both 2nd and 3rd occasionally pop out of gear. Supposedly 2nd and 3rd gear were replaced just a few years back, so I am wondering if it needs an adjustment or if it is more. I would like to get it running and reliable to take out on the trails this fall. Here are my questions to the forum...Is there someone in North Scottsdale/Phoenix who is reliable and works on older jeeps? What is the best way for me to become familiar with maintenance and basic repair on old vehicles? (Ideally, I would love to look over someone's shoulder while they are working on mine.) I do understand the basics about how cars work and I am a quick study. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Noob Help Please

    its hard to work on something with someone looking over ones shoulder but you may find somebody in your area. sounds like a possible fuel issue/ fuel pump/fuel line or carb, could be a coil, points also. needs to be seen and checked before anymore info given. you should get a good repair manual and read it front to back, will help a lot.

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    Re: Noob Help Please

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by dleicken View Post
    What is the best way for me to become familiar with maintenance and basic repair on old vehicles?
    Go purchase a Haynes Repair Manual for your vehicle. If you can read and follow the step by step instructions with pictures, you can teach yourself to repair just about anything on a vehicle.

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    Re: Noob Help Please

    Does it still have a carb? If so, like was mentioned before, sounds like a carb issue like a stuck float valve. Especially if you have old gas in it or it has sat for an extended period. Try removing the top of the carb and and spray carb cleaner.
    Also post pics of the rig, we love Jeep porn here! )

    Good luck and welcome here!
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    Re: Noob Help Please

    Thanks for the replies. I have the Jeep Universal Series manual. I can get the Haynes too if it is better. What I am finding a challenge is not being sure what is normal behavior. I have no doubt this will get better with experience. For instance, I know the odd fire engines have a gallop at idle, but when is a gallop actually something misadjusted? I have not developed an ear for it yet. I already learned one lesson. My manual choke cable needed lube and was sticking partially closed. The car ran rich for a while without me realizing it then started giving me fits - bucking and misfiring. Once I realized what happened, I took out the spark plugs, cleaned them and regapped them and it seemed OK for a while. Maybe I should just replace the spark plugs. I will post some pictures. This jeep has lived its life in the Valley. Someone may recognize it.

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