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Thread: Anybody know anything about Scooters?

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    Anybody know anything about Scooters?

    A buddy of mine has a 50cc 2003 Yamaha Zuma. He left it sitting for about a year, and we have been trying to get it to run. Put new gas in it, cleaned out fuel tank/lines, New spark plug, Rebuilt the carb, and cleaned the air filter. It will start and run for about 2-3 seconds and then die. Will also start to smoke out the intake on the carb. Tried everything and starting to get annoyed.
    Any help appreciated...

    - Nick
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    Re: Anybody know anything about Scooters?

    Take the exhaust off see if runs longer. If it does you prolly need a new muffler.

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    Re: Anybody know anything about Scooters?

    Mine has a little valve on the fuel line that is vacuum operated that can crap out
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