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    DMAFB Airman

    Fellow wheelers, truck builders, and friends... One of my fellow airman recently passed away at the age of 24 of natural causes. SrA Dustin Owens left behind a wife and three children. In honor if him, today 4 April for lunch and dinner, all Chili's restaurants in Arizona will be doing what's called a "give back" in which they will donate 15% of today's profits back to the Owens family. The only stipulation is that you must mention that you are there for the Dustin Owens Give Back before you get your bill so they can ensure that the 15 % goes back to the family. Please support this or pass the word if you can as his family deserves the best from not only the community but as well as us who have served with him. Rest In Peace Dustin, you will be missed

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    Re: DMAFB Airman

    Very sad. Natural causes at 24? Doesn't seem natural to die at 24 and I don't care what the cause is. I eat at Chili's a lot. I'll mention it.
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