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Thread: AX-15 Swap

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    AX-15 Swap

    Hello all,

    I am one of the unfortunate ones that has the dang BA10-5 transmission in my 89 XJ. I want to go ahead and get a AX15 so i can get on with other mods. I know if i get the earlier AX15 model its a direct swap as its also internal slave. What exactly would i need to do the swap for one with an external? I have done some searching and i find a lot of the "write-ups" contradict each other on some details so im confused.

    Also anyone happen to have a AX15 and Tcase layin around or know of someone/somewhere?

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    Re: AX-15 Swap

    I did a AX-15 swap last year into a Comanche same thing as XJ. A lot of info out there contradicts, we used a 1998 Trans from a wrangler. I wanted the external slave cylinder.

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    Re: AX-15 Swap

    I did this years ago, it's actually a pretty easy swap. Here's a quick rundown:

    You will reuse your existing flywheel, cps, and clutch master cylinder.

    To use an external slave AX15 you will need:
    • Pilot bushing for 73-75 CJ5 with a 304. This bushing fits perfect in the crank and fits the larger pilot tip diameter of the AX input shaft.
    • Advance Adapters braided line/fittings. Mates your existing master with the external slave and way better than the factory plastic line crap. You'll need 716130H hose (I can't remember if I used 42" or 60" so measure), 716130F fitting for master, 716130TJ if you use trans out of XJ/TJ.
    • Clutch/pressure plate from 94 XJ.
    • TCase linkage bracket and rod from AX equipped XJ (or swap to an aftermarket tcase shifter like the Novak regular or cable one)
    • Transmission mount plate and mount from AX equipped XJ.

    You will need to move the factory crossmember back. If you look closely, the frame rail has a 2nd set of bolt holes that move it back 5" ish. The holes/nut inserts are already in the frame rail, they just need to be tapped. That 2nd set of holes was used to mount the AW4 but was also used for the AX15 when it came around. If you use a trans from a TJ or YJ, the Tcase clocking is different. The Tcase will be rotated up about 10deg and may need floor board massaging with a BFH for clearance. I've seen people just redrill the holes in the right position to get the clocking correct. You can either just get a new Tcase with 23 spline input or change out the input shaft in the one you have. But if you change out the input make sure you get one that is the right length and is pre 95. I think 95 is when they changed the gear pitch and you cannot mix the two. Ask me how I know...

    Once you get all the pieces and move the xmember back, it's pretty much a bolt in affair. I would also take the opportunity to ditch the star bolts at the top of the bellhousing and replace with regular hex heads.

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    Re: AX-15 Swap

    That YJ/TJ clock stumps allot of people. The tail housing can be redrilled or swapped with an XJ tail housing. 97+ bellhousing on any AX15 will get you external slave setup.

    I have a 97+ AX15 bellhousing with external slave attached. Trans case is broken.

    call me after 2pm wed if your interested in the bellhousing.

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