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Thread: 1961 Willy's Jeep

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    1961 Willy's Jeep

    A 1961 Jeep for sale that is in great shape. This Jeep is ready to go! It has a The Willy's F-134 Hurricane an inline-4 piston engine and powered by the famous Jeep CJ in the CJ-5. The "F" comes from having one set of valves in the block, like a flat (or "L") head, and one set in the head, like a modern OHV engine. The reason Willy's did this was because they started from an existing L-head block and modified it to put the intake valves in a new, much taller head. This created a very compact combustion chamber and a higher compression ratio, boosting power. The rims are after market and tires are in great shape. This is not a project Jeep, it is ready to go as is and for a great price! It comes with the high-lift jack and a bikini top. The roll bar in the pictures is reversible. Email for more information. Looking to get about $4500 out of it, but make me an offer! Thanks for looking!

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    Re: 1961 Willy's Jeep

    pics don't work?
    Long arm/37"/beedlocks/Mas grande arb Dana 44 rear/grande 44 front/ superjoints/WJ knuckle conversion/harness/cage/seats/winch/5.13/armor/skids/
    Parts/hydro/5-1/takes a beating that's for sure but still needs more crap

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