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Thread: Big Thanks to Knuckle-Busters

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    Big Thanks to Knuckle-Busters

    Thanks to Dave at Knuckle-Busters, I've been looking for a 231 or 242 transfer case for my ZJ for 3 months, I wish I would have known about these guys sooner. Dave hooked me up with a 242 case on Friday, put it in yesterday and all is GREAT. They have a great shop, offer anything for Jeeps and offroaders too bad for me they are in Gilbert, but worth the drive to talk to someone who has 15+ years of experience with Jeeps.

    Give them a call 480-600-9174

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    Re: Big Thanks to Knuckle-Busters

    dave.s a great guy,,,,, glad to hear he hooked ya up!
    Im back to the drawing board

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    Re: Big Thanks to Knuckle-Busters

    Thank you..

    Sponsorship on this board will start soon!

    Knuckle Busters LLC -Jeep parts, service, restoration and fabrication
    480-634-8846 Hrs. Mon thru Fri 8-5
    240 E Coury ave #130 Mesa 85210

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