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Thread: Memorial Day Weekend

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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by grateful View Post
    How very kind of you to take this chance to remind us of such an important safety item. Thank you for your care. Bless you for taking this time to remind all of us.
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    Steve is so innocent. Its really cute, actually. Ah to be a kid again....
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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    There was a thread on Pirate where a guy back east who never ever knew him mentioned Kevin's name in a thread about seatbelts. I posted a response stating it warms my heart when people who never had the priviledge of meeting him buckled up because of the accident.

    Be careful when reading it, as it is a heartwrenching thread but some less than pleasant posts were made by the idiots who sometimes frequent there.

    Here is the quote and my response.

    I now always wear my belts, even driving on and off the trailer, across the lakebed, to and from the trails and on the trails. Neither Kevin Rothman nor Dave Halabuk were wearing their shoulder belts--I never had the good fortune to meet either of them, but I always latch my shoulder belts in their memory. Every time I even think about latching only my lap belt, that little voice in my head reminds me of them. You gents didn't die in vain.

    I was a friend of Kevin Rothman, and it warms my heart to hear about people halfway across the country who never met him remembering to put on a belt because of his accident.

    We preach heavily to noobs about belts and cages here in AZ because of him.

    We also had a recent death here in AZ for the same reason. John "Toyzukijohn" Beazley. Remember him too when you think about running anywhere without a belt.

    This stuff is a senseless trajedy that does not need to happen. Complacency CAN kill.


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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks everybody for remembering Kevin.
    Kevin's Foundation is still helping disadvantaged children attend summer camps and play sports throughout the year. If you know any child that needs some help to be able to participate, please contact us at

    You are a great, caring group of people!!!

    Reba and Allen Rothman, Stephanie and Lisa

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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Thank you for the kind reminder, Rothman family. We took a minute to bring up your message and remember Kevin around the not-a-campfire-due-to-restrictions circle this weekend. We had a fun, safe, well-belted trip!

    God bless.

    I wear sun visors and drink Budweisers.

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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Eight children are in summer camp this week. If you know of any other children needing some help, just let us know.

    Thanks for remembering - that's all we want!!

    Rothman Family

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    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Bless you for your gentle reminders... We can all use them occasionally... And bless you for the work you do to honor his memory... Thanks bunches...
    Working for a living is highly over-rated...

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